Environmental Education

img_20160419_181854 It is hard to break a systemic problem such as teaching environmental awareness, especially in a large district such as Newark Public Schools.

The fact of the matter is, in all true honestly, we aren't truly teaching our children how to care for our planet. For if even one teacher (or principal, or nurse, or custodial staff, or food service worker, or store owner, or secretary, or corporation) "Just can't be bothered", then therein lies the systemic problem that we teach to our children. Every individual teacher, no matter what subject you teach, or position you have, should be teaching and modeling how to care for the environment by reducing waste, reusing products, and recycling. If you yell at children for littering and/or not caring about the planet, don't do it yourself. Be the one who inspires others to increase their environmental awareness.

So as a teacher, I try to model that behavior as much as I possibly can. I reuse containers, and create fun things to learn with, and my students get to create beautiful projects with me, which gives them such excitement and ownership over items in our classroom.

You have to do that everywhere, whether you're at home, school, work, at a grocery store, a McDonald's, a carnival or a festival. Wherever you are, you are teaching our children (whether you like it or not). It is imperative that we model behavior that helps, not harms, the Earth.

Please feel free to model and use these your self and teach them to anyone you choose. But especially model it for our Future - for our Future Earth, as well as the Earth for our Future Children. Whether it is people children, animal children, or tree children - just plant a seed and watch it grow.

These blog posts will be related to caring for the environment, whether I am at home, school, or a new/different adventure!

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